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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The World is a little less happy, optimistic, and furry today....

Aw, Joey....

Such a blonde freight train of happiness and love--the world is a little dimmer without you.

Elliott raises his milkbone to you--cheers and we'll see you soon when we can all play fetch and where the kibbles pour freely and the "D" word (diet) is unknown.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Had they not been so excited about school, Da Boys would be standing in front of this bush.  As it was, they were gone before I had a chance to say bye--and only one of them was still here to hear it, anyway.  I guess they really WERE excited about school starting today?

So--back from vacation.  Almost back to normal.  Finally got a run in this morning--first one since the surgery back at the end of June so I'm pretty excited about that--walked 1.25 miles and ran (jogged) the other mile.  Pretty cool, all things considered!

Busy week planned--hit the ground running yesterday and didn't quite finish.  Will see if today goes better.  It has to--I only bought two bottles of wine at the grocery store yessterday....