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Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's in the Bottle? (or: studying aggression makes me drink)

So--after studying all day and one copied note away from  losing my tenuous grip on reality, I decided to call it a day and take the boys and a drink to the pool.  What do you think was in the water bottle?  I'll give you a hint:  I should have eaten more than a granola bar and tuna sandwich before drinking from the bottle....

HOLY COW.  :)  Pomegranate (how's it spelled?) margaritas are FABulous. 

The sad thing/sign that I'm not totally out of control?  I knew to dump the rest of the drink....

But--I have one full chapter and a bit of the third chapter to go and I'm done with my other class an that's a good thing because THIS class is making me insane.  I took as much as I could keep down, content-wise, and then I wisely decided to finish it off tomorrow morning.  After my lab work for my surgery Monday.

All I can say is that it's almost complete and I can stop worrying about getting the six credits needed to renew my credential. 

ONLY bonus about this class....



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July Nails

How are these for UBER fab?  Velya out-did herself this morning and I am so excited about these nails!  (If you're in my area and want her to do your nails similar or just like, they're Gelish and she's at Spoiled Rotten Spalon--let me know and I'll get more info to you.)  The Gellish usually lasts two weeks and I've been having her do my nails since April--she's the best!

And, for those of you living vicariously through my morning walks/jogs, here's a Mama and her big-as-she-is babies escaping the terrors of the wiley Elliott who was off-roading it.  One poor little baby had a heck of a time getting over the rocks to meet up with his buddies but he made it!  Phew!

Already milder today so I don't have to have a complete fit about the heat yet, and it's only supposed to get milder so YAHOO!!!!!  :)

Guess I should go study or iron....  Dang it..... 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Run (what happened to Monday?)

So. Elliott was having issues during our run this morning. 
I think he was just irritated that we started at the crack of dark.... 

I jolted awake at 6:30 and immediately checked the temp--64'!!!!  ALREADY!!!!
We were out the door by 6:48 and on the trail, leaving Da Boys asleep on the futon....
We were out before the turtles were even awake--saw three mamas and their now as-big-as-they-are duckies but that was about it. 
Elliott made about 18 pitstops in 2.25 miles....
I am afraid to see what running is going to be like without my little Elliott Pit Stop Breaks.... 
Might not make it a full mile....

And while we're complaining....
I started ruining my Gelish manicure last Tuesday or so when I used a Magic Eraser on a pan and forgot to use gloves.
Sunday was a BAD day for the ol' nails when I washed Da Husband's car for Father's Day--Alex helped for a bit but Dev had issues.... Whatever.  Broke two or three nails (I lost track).  Went ahead and washed Bertie yesterday morning after our walk because--well, what the heck, right?  Might as well get ALL my nails trashed before my manicure Wednesday, right?  Lost another nail....

And more complaining!!!!  I go in next Monday for Gall Bladder Erradication Maneuvers so for the week prior to the fun I cannot take any aspirin-containing pain meds (nor a whole list of others).  So--in my life that means no Excederin for migraines.  So what have I been battling since yesterday?  Migraines and headaches!!!  GAH!!!!  And you can only have so many Venti Fraps before the diet starts to get affected.... I seriously believe this week is going to involve more pain than next week....

What helps with the whole misery?


(you can all just kiss off into the sun... etc.)

(please do not go, please please please do not go, etc.)

(Why can't I get...  Well.... This is a PG blog, better keep it that way....)

Friday's Walk

The best thing about having to have a bath after playing in the creek? 
Killing the towel in retribution....

It was a good run Friday but then Elliott ran into his girlfriends on the way home so he had to do some swimmin' and fetchin' with them....  And no, I didn't get pics AGAIN.  Get over it.... (I promise next time....)
But--one thing about the creek is that it makes Elliott smell FUNky so he had to have a bath.  He's really not impressed with baths and who knows why--he loves being hosed down and fighting the water coming out of the sprayer but add soap and it's worse than being left in the backyard ALL DAY. The only good thing for him is that he can play Kill the Towel after his bath. 

By the way--his girlfriends are Nutmeg and Pepsi and guess what breed they are....


Chocolate Labs!!!

I promise photos next time. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitty and her Great Expectations

Okay--here's Alex at the waterfalls on our walk this morning.  I think they fenced it off because they'd heard of Elliott.....  We left at 7:30 AM because it was already 62' and just gonna get hotter.  Blah.  We did well on time, though--3.75 miles at a 4 MPH walk and that included stopping to look at turtles and ducks.

First, this isn't as high quality as the others only because my cell phone was having issues sending it so I just went for easy.  In any case--along the opposite shore, on the left in the break between the two lines of green grasses, there is a black and white kitty.  She's pretty young--maybe six months?--but she already has Great Expectations.  A quarter of the way in from the right are a couple of ducks (there were actually five, but they're hard to pick out with this size picutre).  When I started floundering for my phone, the four babies were just out from Kitty and Kitty was wondering just how she could pull off catching one of them for her breakfast.  Alas, the human is too slow so you just get the after effects instead of the actual image but use your imagination and you'll get there.  :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Break Views

  • This is a view out on Big Break in the Delta.  It really was a beautiful evening to walk out there.

This is an incredible 3-D map of the Delta--you can see the bumps just left of  center bottom of the map--the biggest one is Mount Diablo.  It's still under construction so I couldn't get a good up-close shot of it but hopefully soon because it really is spectacular.  I don't think you can see in the picture but they have made foot prints and leaf prints in the sidewalks all around the map and out to the observation pier. 

Here's some of the alge growing in the water right off the observation pier.  It was great--there were swallows and all kinds of other birds and wildlife messing around in there. 

I'm Almost Official!

Look at me!!  :)  I got a nice travel mug and this frame when I attended the faculty meeting yesterday. 
So excited!

(And Pam--I put it on all by myself!)   }:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's Yertl?

Where's Yertl?  Click on the picture and look just about dead center and you'll see Yertl,
sunning himself on the mud and grass.

And, where's the blue heron?  He's dead center, once again!  He's looking a little more dusty gray than blue, but at least he held still so I could get a picture of him!

And here's one of the Mama Mallards and her babies--
only three months old but look at how big they are!  Yowza!!

So it's been another crazy week--though I'm still training,
the Tarantula Run was cancelled so we'll do the Grape Stomp instead. 
It's flat--the Tarantula was hilly--I like flat.... 
I'll be taking a week off of training here at the end of the month, though, because I get to go in and have my gall bladder removed.  Wheeeeee!!!! I tell ya, it's worth it!  You ever have a gall bladder attack?!  Even my mother-in-law described it like I did--worse than labor!!!  But, it's an in-and-out day surgery and Da Boys will hang with their grandparents for a few days so all I have to do is catch up on all my Ghost Hunters, Destinatin Truth, and Blogging.....  }:)

(Speaking of blogging, have you checked out Amanda's page today?  She has a whole WEEK'S worth of fabulous goodies to make and my running buddy has chosen the peanut butter chocolate chip pound cake while, for me, it's a toss up between the homemade Twix bars or the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread.  OMG!!!  I am making lemon curd today with the Meyer lemons my neighbor brought me, though....  That might hold me over until I can make the other goodies....)

So, friends, the weather here is finally warming up--80' yesterday, should be 86' by Tuesday--oh joy--and it's time to start cleaning something so I can iron the mound of clothes taking over my stamp area. 

Go out there and be active and check out Amanda's ooey-gooey list of fabulous things to eat!