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Friday, October 14, 2011

Submarines in Idaho

Great googly moogly!  Thar's a SUB in them thar fields!!

I'll post about EBR-1 in a few, but after we visited the first US atomic reactor used for civilian power, Dad drove us into little ol' Arco, Idaho.  We blinked and missed the town before it, but none of us missed the sail of a submarine sticking up from the grass as we came into Arco.  To understand this oddity, it's best to give you a bit of background.

Up until ten years ago or so (I'm too lazy to check the exact year), the US Navy had a base in Idaho Falls.  Yup--everyone does a double take when I say that, but they used the Idaho National Engineering Laboratory (now INL) to train their nuclear personnel.  I met my husband while he was going through this training there--didn't even know the Navy was there until the summer before we met.  The Site, as it's affectionately/not-affectionately called by locals, has civilian companies and government departments researching and creating nuclear power and Arco was the first city (we use the term loosely here) in the world to be lighted with nuclear power--the LIGHTBULBS were lighted, people, NOT the residents nor by a glow from the Site!  Once the Navy was able to use nuclear reactors in their vessels, they needed to train their personnel to safely maintain and utilize these reactors so IF became one of two sites in the US where the Navy sent these sailors to be trained. 

You may have noticed that the Navy has a habit of naming ships/boats after places and people.  Fast attack submarines are usually named after places--my husband was on the USS San Juan 751, the prototype for the short-lived Seawolf-class submarine.  Due to the importance that Arco had played in naval nuclear history, the US Navy named a ship after Arco.  Arco, subsequently, has a great little memorial/museum in town to honor the USS Arco as well as the USS Hawkbill and other Naval odds and ends that you can go and check out for yourself.  All of this doesn't explain why there's a submarine sail in the ground there, though, does it?

WELL.  Forgive me the lack of important details, but a man, ex-Air Force, working with the Navy out at the site, became fascinated with the whole Navy involvement and started creating the memorial with the help of ex-Sailors and Navy ROTC from ISU.  They couldn't get any of the USS Arco beyond pictures and history but I'll be darned if he didn't learn that the Navy was decommissioning and scrapping the Hawkbill and yes--he could have the sail!  The only catch--he had to get it from Bremerton, Washington to Arco, Idaho by himself and he had only a few weeks to do it.  How in the world do you get a SUBMARINE SAIL across Washington State and half-way through Idaho?  Our founder is a clever man and he found a way to haul it via truck.  Everything went just fine until it hit the Idaho border and suddenly Idaho State Police had an issue with it sailing down our highways.  Fortunately, our founder made one profitable call to a senator, Larry Craig, who made it happen.  The sail showed up--in pieces--in Arco.  All ready to be put together and displayed.  Yikes.  The man who started the whole party enlisted volunteers from ISU's Navy ROTC and ex-sailors living in the area and over the course of a few weekends they were able to put the sail together and in place and it became one of the most unexpected sights to see along a rural highway. 

I don't know if I can convey the awesome feeling you get standing next to a sail from a nuclear submarine.  I am always in awe whenever we tour old subs, either from WWII (the USS Pampanito is docked in San Francisco, the USS Nautilus in Groton, Connecticut, just off base) or the modern ones but standing next to an actual sail, knowing where it's been (in water, not coordinates-wise), and thinking of everything it's done--it really does make your heart beat a little faster and your mind freeze for a minute. 

The memorial/museum itself is small but packed with really great things to read/look at/experience.  Our boys, my husband, and my folks all had a great time checking it out and visiting with the curator/founder and if we hadn't had to be back in Idaho Falls, we would have easily spent another few hours there--checking out a chunk of Naval history, unique to our little ol' state. 

If you ever find yourself cruising through Idaho on I-15 or I-84/86--you're only an hour or so away from this wonder and it's well worth a stop.  Spend an hour checking out the USS Hawkbill site then go 15 miles down the road and tour EBR-1.  Both are free, both are unimaginably awe-inspiring, and the tales the kids can share when they get back to school?  They'll be the hit of the playground!

Coffee Creamers--because I run. Okay, more like stumble, but still....

Life's good.....

Have you seen/found/discovered the new Bailey's creamers? 
Or that International Delights has come out with SKINNY Caramel Macchiato? 
I don't have a pic, but they've also created an Almond Joy creamer!!! 
Oh, good heavens, but it's good to be a coffee drinker these days!!!


(And soon it'll be time for their holiday flavors!  WHOO HOO!!!! 
Bring on the gingerbread and pumpkin spice creamers!!!!)

Ducks (and Geese!) in Idaho! And, an explanation.

Sunset on the Snake River just above the falls in Idaho Falls.

Such a nice evening--we all walked along the river and enjoyed the warm evening air.  I had to get a picture of Idaho's ducks (and geese) as they were certainly going to make their way to my creek come fall.  Now I can match them up to their picture, right?  Yeah.  Well, anyway....

So--where have I been since August 4th?  The boys started back to school, I taught my first class at University of Phoenix, and generally have been busy.  I know, I know--no excuse.  BUT--I have a ton of great pics to share and I'll have some great ones next weekend as BFF and I take on The Grape Stomp in Livermore!  Yes!  Part of that "busy" has been preparing for the 10k part of The Grape Stomp.  It may not be pretty, we may not run EVERY foot of the 10k (because our bodies hate us) but I DID run six miles Tuesday so I know I can do it! 

With that said, sit back, grab your cup of dog food, er, I mean coffee, and check out the craziness that has been my life since August 4th.  It involves Idaho, school, teaching, running, playing, Da Boys swimming in Lake Tahoe last weekend, and general cool pics as seen during our training on the creek trail.  Ready?

Hang on--I need another cup of coffee....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The World is a little less happy, optimistic, and furry today....

Aw, Joey....

Such a blonde freight train of happiness and love--the world is a little dimmer without you.

Elliott raises his milkbone to you--cheers and we'll see you soon when we can all play fetch and where the kibbles pour freely and the "D" word (diet) is unknown.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Had they not been so excited about school, Da Boys would be standing in front of this bush.  As it was, they were gone before I had a chance to say bye--and only one of them was still here to hear it, anyway.  I guess they really WERE excited about school starting today?

So--back from vacation.  Almost back to normal.  Finally got a run in this morning--first one since the surgery back at the end of June so I'm pretty excited about that--walked 1.25 miles and ran (jogged) the other mile.  Pretty cool, all things considered!

Busy week planned--hit the ground running yesterday and didn't quite finish.  Will see if today goes better.  It has to--I only bought two bottles of wine at the grocery store yessterday....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dog Coffee Anyone?

Oh, boy....  It's gonna be a looooooong day....

This is what happens when you wake your brain before it's ready.  Have to run da Husband's bike to da In-laws' this morning before getting my nails done at noon with the hopes of getting all my running around done so I can get the rest of my chores done before bed....  It's gonna be a race to the finish line!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Da Boys and Da Bricks

Friday da Boys and I went to a new shop called "Bricks 4 Kids".  They were able to create just about anything using the available bricks and accessories and pattern guides.  They had an absolute ball and I got to sit in a corner and chat up a new member for ECRG.  They do birthday parties, too!  Hmmmm....

Monday, July 11, 2011

Recipes Page is Up and Running!

Pralines!!!  These are Peanut Butter Rice Krispy Pralines from  They were a big hit at the crop I went to Saturday and she was right--quick and easy to make!  The croppin' buddies said they tasted like peanut butter fudge.

With that, note that I have the Recipes Page up and running with two recipes to start it off.  Go have a peek and, as always, leave a comment and tell me whatcha think!  :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Okay--the blob of white in the creek--just off center?  Click on the pic and you'll see that it's a bitty turtle on a bitty rock....  Cracked me up.

Bad Goat and New Pages Alert

The white thing, with its head in the almond tree?  That's a local goat having breakfast.  Bad goat.
Elliott went up and said hi and I ALMOST got a pic of it--Elliott's tail was wagging at break-a-knee speed...

Yup--I'm back!  I started walking again Tuesday and am happy to say that I'm getting my 2.25 miles in at a 3.5 MPH speed and am hoping to start jogging again next week.  Yay!  

The surgery went well and though last week was basically a loss this week is going pretty well.  Glad to have it done and can't wait to be off all restrictions (though it is nice to use "I can't lift ____" as an excuse to get da Boys to carry something for me...).

NOW.  I have a BUNCH of new pics to share of food so I'm going to start two new pages--Food and Recipes.  Not sure how soon they'll ALL be up but I'm hoping to get a few done this morning so check back soon and often and as always, I love to hear your comments!  Especially now that I have it working!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What's in the Bottle? (or: studying aggression makes me drink)

So--after studying all day and one copied note away from  losing my tenuous grip on reality, I decided to call it a day and take the boys and a drink to the pool.  What do you think was in the water bottle?  I'll give you a hint:  I should have eaten more than a granola bar and tuna sandwich before drinking from the bottle....

HOLY COW.  :)  Pomegranate (how's it spelled?) margaritas are FABulous. 

The sad thing/sign that I'm not totally out of control?  I knew to dump the rest of the drink....

But--I have one full chapter and a bit of the third chapter to go and I'm done with my other class an that's a good thing because THIS class is making me insane.  I took as much as I could keep down, content-wise, and then I wisely decided to finish it off tomorrow morning.  After my lab work for my surgery Monday.

All I can say is that it's almost complete and I can stop worrying about getting the six credits needed to renew my credential. 

ONLY bonus about this class....



Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July Nails

How are these for UBER fab?  Velya out-did herself this morning and I am so excited about these nails!  (If you're in my area and want her to do your nails similar or just like, they're Gelish and she's at Spoiled Rotten Spalon--let me know and I'll get more info to you.)  The Gellish usually lasts two weeks and I've been having her do my nails since April--she's the best!

And, for those of you living vicariously through my morning walks/jogs, here's a Mama and her big-as-she-is babies escaping the terrors of the wiley Elliott who was off-roading it.  One poor little baby had a heck of a time getting over the rocks to meet up with his buddies but he made it!  Phew!

Already milder today so I don't have to have a complete fit about the heat yet, and it's only supposed to get milder so YAHOO!!!!!  :)

Guess I should go study or iron....  Dang it..... 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Run (what happened to Monday?)

So. Elliott was having issues during our run this morning. 
I think he was just irritated that we started at the crack of dark.... 

I jolted awake at 6:30 and immediately checked the temp--64'!!!!  ALREADY!!!!
We were out the door by 6:48 and on the trail, leaving Da Boys asleep on the futon....
We were out before the turtles were even awake--saw three mamas and their now as-big-as-they-are duckies but that was about it. 
Elliott made about 18 pitstops in 2.25 miles....
I am afraid to see what running is going to be like without my little Elliott Pit Stop Breaks.... 
Might not make it a full mile....

And while we're complaining....
I started ruining my Gelish manicure last Tuesday or so when I used a Magic Eraser on a pan and forgot to use gloves.
Sunday was a BAD day for the ol' nails when I washed Da Husband's car for Father's Day--Alex helped for a bit but Dev had issues.... Whatever.  Broke two or three nails (I lost track).  Went ahead and washed Bertie yesterday morning after our walk because--well, what the heck, right?  Might as well get ALL my nails trashed before my manicure Wednesday, right?  Lost another nail....

And more complaining!!!!  I go in next Monday for Gall Bladder Erradication Maneuvers so for the week prior to the fun I cannot take any aspirin-containing pain meds (nor a whole list of others).  So--in my life that means no Excederin for migraines.  So what have I been battling since yesterday?  Migraines and headaches!!!  GAH!!!!  And you can only have so many Venti Fraps before the diet starts to get affected.... I seriously believe this week is going to involve more pain than next week....

What helps with the whole misery?


(you can all just kiss off into the sun... etc.)

(please do not go, please please please do not go, etc.)

(Why can't I get...  Well.... This is a PG blog, better keep it that way....)

Friday's Walk

The best thing about having to have a bath after playing in the creek? 
Killing the towel in retribution....

It was a good run Friday but then Elliott ran into his girlfriends on the way home so he had to do some swimmin' and fetchin' with them....  And no, I didn't get pics AGAIN.  Get over it.... (I promise next time....)
But--one thing about the creek is that it makes Elliott smell FUNky so he had to have a bath.  He's really not impressed with baths and who knows why--he loves being hosed down and fighting the water coming out of the sprayer but add soap and it's worse than being left in the backyard ALL DAY. The only good thing for him is that he can play Kill the Towel after his bath. 

By the way--his girlfriends are Nutmeg and Pepsi and guess what breed they are....


Chocolate Labs!!!

I promise photos next time. 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kitty and her Great Expectations

Okay--here's Alex at the waterfalls on our walk this morning.  I think they fenced it off because they'd heard of Elliott.....  We left at 7:30 AM because it was already 62' and just gonna get hotter.  Blah.  We did well on time, though--3.75 miles at a 4 MPH walk and that included stopping to look at turtles and ducks.

First, this isn't as high quality as the others only because my cell phone was having issues sending it so I just went for easy.  In any case--along the opposite shore, on the left in the break between the two lines of green grasses, there is a black and white kitty.  She's pretty young--maybe six months?--but she already has Great Expectations.  A quarter of the way in from the right are a couple of ducks (there were actually five, but they're hard to pick out with this size picutre).  When I started floundering for my phone, the four babies were just out from Kitty and Kitty was wondering just how she could pull off catching one of them for her breakfast.  Alas, the human is too slow so you just get the after effects instead of the actual image but use your imagination and you'll get there.  :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Big Break Views

  • This is a view out on Big Break in the Delta.  It really was a beautiful evening to walk out there.

This is an incredible 3-D map of the Delta--you can see the bumps just left of  center bottom of the map--the biggest one is Mount Diablo.  It's still under construction so I couldn't get a good up-close shot of it but hopefully soon because it really is spectacular.  I don't think you can see in the picture but they have made foot prints and leaf prints in the sidewalks all around the map and out to the observation pier. 

Here's some of the alge growing in the water right off the observation pier.  It was great--there were swallows and all kinds of other birds and wildlife messing around in there. 

I'm Almost Official!

Look at me!!  :)  I got a nice travel mug and this frame when I attended the faculty meeting yesterday. 
So excited!

(And Pam--I put it on all by myself!)   }:)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's Yertl?

Where's Yertl?  Click on the picture and look just about dead center and you'll see Yertl,
sunning himself on the mud and grass.

And, where's the blue heron?  He's dead center, once again!  He's looking a little more dusty gray than blue, but at least he held still so I could get a picture of him!

And here's one of the Mama Mallards and her babies--
only three months old but look at how big they are!  Yowza!!

So it's been another crazy week--though I'm still training,
the Tarantula Run was cancelled so we'll do the Grape Stomp instead. 
It's flat--the Tarantula was hilly--I like flat.... 
I'll be taking a week off of training here at the end of the month, though, because I get to go in and have my gall bladder removed.  Wheeeeee!!!! I tell ya, it's worth it!  You ever have a gall bladder attack?!  Even my mother-in-law described it like I did--worse than labor!!!  But, it's an in-and-out day surgery and Da Boys will hang with their grandparents for a few days so all I have to do is catch up on all my Ghost Hunters, Destinatin Truth, and Blogging.....  }:)

(Speaking of blogging, have you checked out Amanda's page today?  She has a whole WEEK'S worth of fabulous goodies to make and my running buddy has chosen the peanut butter chocolate chip pound cake while, for me, it's a toss up between the homemade Twix bars or the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread.  OMG!!!  I am making lemon curd today with the Meyer lemons my neighbor brought me, though....  That might hold me over until I can make the other goodies....)

So, friends, the weather here is finally warming up--80' yesterday, should be 86' by Tuesday--oh joy--and it's time to start cleaning something so I can iron the mound of clothes taking over my stamp area. 

Go out there and be active and check out Amanda's ooey-gooey list of fabulous things to eat! 

Monday, May 30, 2011

Thank you, Vets!!!

American flag
A special thank you going out to all the Veterans who have kept this country free
and the best place on Earth to live!

My own personal Vet is driving me up a wall, but other than that, Veterans are the BEST!!!!

God Bless America and all who keep her safe!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Walk

In the center are Mama and a slew o'duckies.  They're getting big, aren't they?

Our walk was pretty mild--we did 2.25 miles in 30 minutes but not much else to talk about.  It was a much more interesting day concerning driving, however.  I was very happy to park Bertie in the driveway and know he's not going anywhere else today.  CHP everywhere, idiots where CHP isn't, and everyone has a 'tude. 

I'm home and I'm not going out again.  Mayhap not until Tuesday morning....

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Contra Loma--Great Googly Moogly

So Da Dog and I headed out to Contra Loma to start working the hills in preparation for the Great Tarantula Run of Ott Eleven.  We were jogging here....  Nice, eh?  :)

Then it started to get a bit more uphill in the climb so I took it down to a walk--a getting-it-done walk, but a walk nonetheless....

Looking back down at whence I came....

Oh thank the good Lord, this hill is almost done... 
(That's Elliott's tail end sticking up out of the grass--not some funky stump.)

Elliott came back to tell me I wasn't at the top yet...
Thought about letting him find his own way home....

Is this the top?  WELL?!?!

 GAH!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh sweet Lord, NO!!!!!

Actually, this is about where I turned to the right (see the trail marker in the middle just off center?) and started heading down.  Yaaaaaaaay.

I think if you look carefully Bertie is just left of center, waiting for us in the parking lot. 
But he's still a mile away....

We were jogging again as soon as we started heading back down--beautiful view, isn't it?

Bertie's closer!!!  It was a hairy jog down the hill as the ground has already done it's summer-time dry cracks so I was watching my feet instead of the scenery.  Thank goodness the rattlers were still asleep....
Elliott was a good boy and was usually only about fifty feet ahead of me.  He started going off trail as we were getting closer to the car--he was a thirsty boy and was hunting water.  We made it back to Bertie, chugged water, and then headed home. 

Wow.  I'm tore back.  Elliott is trying to recover and couldn't even make it to his futon--he had to flop on the new carpet.  I have chores to do but I'm still recovering,  myself.  Plus, I had to do my new hire paperwork for the University of Phoenix.  It's done and faxed in for review.  We're almost there, kids!!!!

Ick.  I need to shower....  }:)

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day in the City

Michelle, Jeanette, and Traisa

Jeanette master-minded the whole party and here they are at Pier 39.  It was a lovely but windy day and we met up with another Michelle and Doug at Boudin's at Fisherman's Wharf for a glorious lunch and margarita.  Okay, I had the margarita while the others had wine or beer but Jeanette behaved with a virgin mojito....

We walked all OVER the city and finished at the Ferry Building that was converted into shops and we found the most drop-dead-fabulously-delicious Coconut Mousse Cake I have ever tasted.  I did share with everyone but it was hard....

And then we found the chocolate shop--Scharffen Berger.  Oh, for the love of all things skinny, that stuff is yummy....  I got a mini of lavendar/blueberry dark chocolate and a chocolate with lavendar and blueberry chapstick and a small bag of milk chocolate.  Wow.  Each little milk chocolate square is about 20 calories and it's wonderful enough you can just have one and savor it without adding a ton of calories to your list. 


There was also a stand selling meat-filled empanadas but, forutnately or unfortunately, I was stuffed from the cake and lunch so I didn't get one but next time I go in I'm all over it.  I want one of those bad boys!!!  :)

I had to leave the fun to get home and help with the boys so I headed to the Embarcadero BART station.  I overshot it by six blocks.....  Here is the first picture I took on the way back:

Beautiful afternoon in the city, wasn't it?

And here's another shot as I wandered back to BART:

Boy, I really wanted to stop in there and kick back with an iced coffee or something equally fabulous but Da Husband was waiting so off I trotted (gimped)....

All in all, it was a fabulous day of fun and friends and I thoroughly enjoyed my Mini Skyline Class of '86 Reunion and it was sure easy to sit and visit and chat with folks I hadn't seen in 25 years....

I'll add more pictures as soon as I get the rest of the pics downloaded.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Rewards for Running!

All right--how cute is that bottle and the CARD!!!  I am so used to putting the little diamond shape on TOP that I never even thought to put it under!  How cute is THAT!!!  :)

My BFF sent the bottle and hand made card to encourage me with my running.  Can you read what the bottle says?  "I run so I can eat Ice Cream"  PERFECT!!!!!  I can't wait to use it next week.  It came at a particularly appropriate time as I have just gotten back from getting my youngest Boy from school and jogged the 1.75 miles there to do so.  What a great reward!!!  Thanks, BFF!!!  (Think I'll Christen the bottle with a milkshake....)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Growing Duckies and Summer Time Blues

There they are!  Mama and her babies--they're getting so big!
I finally figured out how to send a bigger pic to my computer from my cell so now you know I wasn't making up duckie stories....   :)

Elliott had a good walk--we walked 1.5 and jogged one but at the end his girlfriends, Nutmeg and Pepsi, joined him for a swim in the creek.  Naturally it didn't dawn on me to take a pic of the fun until I was home....  I hadn't had any coffee yet--give me a break. 

Now it's off to see if I can get today's chores finished so I can be all proud of myself for getting my chores done and have time to kick back before Da Boys get home.  Ya know, speaking of Da Boys, the end of the school year has always been a challenge for teachers, students, and parents alike.  Everyone has short-timer's attitude, parents are a little freaked at wondering how to maintain while the darlings are home ALL DAY LONG, and the weather usually adds it's little contribution of wild and wooly weather thus keeping everyone on their toes. 

We have basically two weeks of school left.  The spring has been unusually cold and rainy and windy.  The kids are just about bouncing off the walls and the parents I've talked with are one step from the asylum.  The teachers are shaking their heads wondering where the good students have gone and when the miserable little maniacs were snuck in....  I'm hoping we can all make it to the 2nd of June even though that means there's a lot more home time for the darlings to fight, wreak havoc, and generally cause mayhem wherever they go.  

I'm counting on a lot of outside play time with friends and hopefully our annual trip home will be scheduled soon so they can look forward to that and Da Folks can help me maintain sanity through the summer months but until then it's a day-to-day battle.  If I make it through the next two weeks without developing a drinking habit then it will be a victory....  }:) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled feature....

It was a dark and dreary morning.....

Well, it was but it wasn't bad.  Temp was still around 50' and it only rained on me for about half a mile during my 2 3/4 mile jog!!!!!  That's right!  I jogged 2 3/4 miles straight--only had to stop once to clean up after Da Dog.  It was wonderful and I did it in under 40 minutes and that included walking about half a mile (little over a quarter at beginning, less than at the end).  (and if the people in my house don't stop eating while using my computer I'm going to have to get Medieval on their buckets--fingers are sticking to the keys....)

Anyway--my apologies for missing the past two weeks--it's been CRAzy busy, just like everyone else, right?  First Da Folks were here and then, as I may have mentioned, I had Faculty Certification at the University of Phoenix that I was finishing up.  HOLY CATS was THAT crazy!  One of my classmates called it the Groundhog Day's of Interviewing....  But, it's done and my HR paperwork is turned in so hopefully I'll be getting my class assignment soon and I'll be teaching very soon.  WOOP WOOP!!!!  Gotta tell ya, I've never been through such an extreme interview that lasted from the end of February to mid-May--and that doesn't include the class I'll be teaching soon--THAT is the final gauge and if I do well THEN I'll be offered a position.  ACK!  :)

OH!  And let's not forget the whole renewing my Idaho teaching credential party that has to be done by September 1st.  Nothing like waiting, eh?  :)  And apparently I have to take a literacy test to re-new the Special Education portion of my credential.  Good times! Can hardly wait!  }:)

And with that, I'm already behind the 8-ball this week after losing Monday to coffee and helping first day registration for ECRG's swim classes and yesterday was lost to a migraine and new tires and an oil change.  This morning, though, I'm (literally) off and running--the kitchen and dishes are clean, the last load of laundry is in the dryer, and I have five chores to do and then I'm back on track.  Woop woop!

And with that, on with the show......

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Splendid Morning for a walk, I mean, RUN!

Here they are!!!!  One mama and her duckies!!  If you click  on the picture (I just found this out yesterday) you can see it bigger and with more detail!  She was swimming with another mama but that shoot (below) didn't turn out as well as they were further away.  ***I just found out that if you click on the picture then enlarge your screen (I changed mine from 100% to 200%) you can really see them!!

And, I'm proud to report, this was the SECOND day that I RAN 2.25 miles!!!!  I'm very proud--furthest I've run EVer....  EVER!!!!

All right.  Now I have to go study for class Friday night and clean and such.  First I think I better call for some oxygen.....  Or a margarita....

Definitely a margarita....

Can you see both mamas and their gross of duckies? There must be two dozen between the two mamas!