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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

4th of July Nails

How are these for UBER fab?  Velya out-did herself this morning and I am so excited about these nails!  (If you're in my area and want her to do your nails similar or just like, they're Gelish and she's at Spoiled Rotten Spalon--let me know and I'll get more info to you.)  The Gellish usually lasts two weeks and I've been having her do my nails since April--she's the best!

And, for those of you living vicariously through my morning walks/jogs, here's a Mama and her big-as-she-is babies escaping the terrors of the wiley Elliott who was off-roading it.  One poor little baby had a heck of a time getting over the rocks to meet up with his buddies but he made it!  Phew!

Already milder today so I don't have to have a complete fit about the heat yet, and it's only supposed to get milder so YAHOO!!!!!  :)

Guess I should go study or iron....  Dang it..... 


Anonymous said...

you nails ROCK as does your nail tech!! :)

Kim said...

Fabulous!! BTW are you going to take better care of these nails >: } - I degree no housework or any activity that would diminish the useful life of the nails, ie the $ spent. Do you agree????

Melanie said...

Kim: ABSOLUTELY!!!! Already have Da Boys vacuuming daily and doing basic cleaning... }:)

Rob: Best nail tech south of Lewiston! :)