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Grammar Lessons from LRNMGUD

I would like to cover something today that has become a serious source of irritation over the past 23 years of marriage. 

It's not:  I seen it.
It's:        I saw it.  Or, I have seen it (as in:  "I have seen that in the past.")

"Seen" needs a helping verb.  It cannot hang out on its own.  Helping verbs that you can use with "seen" include:  have, had, and has.  Don't make me hunt you down with my Red Pen of Right. 

Use "saw" if it is something that has only happened once (or a few times, at most).  "Seen" is more of a "I can't remember when, but I have seen something similar" usage. 

Are we good?  Have you seen the light?  (Yes.  I do crack myself up sometimes.)

Let's cover something that I see written incorrectly almost once a day.


Two words, kids!  Just remember:  it takes A LOT of words to write "a lot."

Sometimes, people will actually try to correct it with auto correct (thank you for trying!) but they will unintentionally choose another incorrect word:  allot.  Allot means to mete out an item, as in:

The sweatshirts were allotted to members of the team who had achieved an 85% completion average. 

There you go.  Your very first grammar lesson.  If this is old news for you, yay!  If this is new news, I expect I shall never see "alot" out of you ever again. 

Go forth and spread the new words!

My little idea for conquering grammatically incorrect signs--blue painter's tape.  I can do a little "drive by editing" late at night....  I already have one sign in mind that is on the main drag of our little town....


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't it be "Go forth and spread the new words"? Alot is one word...therefore a lot would be two? Right Teacher? :)
Your Snarky QBFF

Melanie said...

You, my snarky little QBFF, are a snot.

And THAT is why you're my QBFF!!!!

Melanie said...

Okay, my snarky little QBFF--I fixed your twitch-fit. HAPPY?!