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Friday, June 10, 2011

Where's Yertl?

Where's Yertl?  Click on the picture and look just about dead center and you'll see Yertl,
sunning himself on the mud and grass.

And, where's the blue heron?  He's dead center, once again!  He's looking a little more dusty gray than blue, but at least he held still so I could get a picture of him!

And here's one of the Mama Mallards and her babies--
only three months old but look at how big they are!  Yowza!!

So it's been another crazy week--though I'm still training,
the Tarantula Run was cancelled so we'll do the Grape Stomp instead. 
It's flat--the Tarantula was hilly--I like flat.... 
I'll be taking a week off of training here at the end of the month, though, because I get to go in and have my gall bladder removed.  Wheeeeee!!!! I tell ya, it's worth it!  You ever have a gall bladder attack?!  Even my mother-in-law described it like I did--worse than labor!!!  But, it's an in-and-out day surgery and Da Boys will hang with their grandparents for a few days so all I have to do is catch up on all my Ghost Hunters, Destinatin Truth, and Blogging.....  }:)

(Speaking of blogging, have you checked out Amanda's page today?  She has a whole WEEK'S worth of fabulous goodies to make and my running buddy has chosen the peanut butter chocolate chip pound cake while, for me, it's a toss up between the homemade Twix bars or the Chocolate Caramel Shortbread.  OMG!!!  I am making lemon curd today with the Meyer lemons my neighbor brought me, though....  That might hold me over until I can make the other goodies....)

So, friends, the weather here is finally warming up--80' yesterday, should be 86' by Tuesday--oh joy--and it's time to start cleaning something so I can iron the mound of clothes taking over my stamp area. 

Go out there and be active and check out Amanda's ooey-gooey list of fabulous things to eat! 

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