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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bad Goat and New Pages Alert

The white thing, with its head in the almond tree?  That's a local goat having breakfast.  Bad goat.
Elliott went up and said hi and I ALMOST got a pic of it--Elliott's tail was wagging at break-a-knee speed...

Yup--I'm back!  I started walking again Tuesday and am happy to say that I'm getting my 2.25 miles in at a 3.5 MPH speed and am hoping to start jogging again next week.  Yay!  

The surgery went well and though last week was basically a loss this week is going pretty well.  Glad to have it done and can't wait to be off all restrictions (though it is nice to use "I can't lift ____" as an excuse to get da Boys to carry something for me...).

NOW.  I have a BUNCH of new pics to share of food so I'm going to start two new pages--Food and Recipes.  Not sure how soon they'll ALL be up but I'm hoping to get a few done this morning so check back soon and often and as always, I love to hear your comments!  Especially now that I have it working!


Anonymous said...

Nice that Elliott isn't particular in the friends he's willing to make. :)

Melanie said...

He's a LAB, baby!!! Besides--Billy was eating and Elliott knew it MUST be something good!