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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ducks (and Geese!) in Idaho! And, an explanation.

Sunset on the Snake River just above the falls in Idaho Falls.

Such a nice evening--we all walked along the river and enjoyed the warm evening air.  I had to get a picture of Idaho's ducks (and geese) as they were certainly going to make their way to my creek come fall.  Now I can match them up to their picture, right?  Yeah.  Well, anyway....

So--where have I been since August 4th?  The boys started back to school, I taught my first class at University of Phoenix, and generally have been busy.  I know, I know--no excuse.  BUT--I have a ton of great pics to share and I'll have some great ones next weekend as BFF and I take on The Grape Stomp in Livermore!  Yes!  Part of that "busy" has been preparing for the 10k part of The Grape Stomp.  It may not be pretty, we may not run EVERY foot of the 10k (because our bodies hate us) but I DID run six miles Tuesday so I know I can do it! 

With that said, sit back, grab your cup of dog food, er, I mean coffee, and check out the craziness that has been my life since August 4th.  It involves Idaho, school, teaching, running, playing, Da Boys swimming in Lake Tahoe last weekend, and general cool pics as seen during our training on the creek trail.  Ready?

Hang on--I need another cup of coffee....

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