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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gilroy Gardens

This is one of the "Circus Trees" created by the gentleman who started Belfonte Gardens in Gilroy, CA.  It's called the "Table Tree" and is at the entrance into the park. 

Their are about six gardens--I don't have the guide map in front of me but each one is fabulous.  They have a wonderful maze you can actually get lost in and waterfalls that are breathtaking even if they're not hundreds of feet high--each of the 500+ stones were hand-place by the same guy who created the trees.

These Columbine were only one variety there and they were absolutely spectacular.

I forget this one's name--but isn't it spectacular?

Da Folks' last day here is tomorrow so we're whirl-winding through the weekend and heading out but I'll post more pictures as I have time and you have time to enjoy them....

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