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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled feature....

It was a dark and dreary morning.....

Well, it was but it wasn't bad.  Temp was still around 50' and it only rained on me for about half a mile during my 2 3/4 mile jog!!!!!  That's right!  I jogged 2 3/4 miles straight--only had to stop once to clean up after Da Dog.  It was wonderful and I did it in under 40 minutes and that included walking about half a mile (little over a quarter at beginning, less than at the end).  (and if the people in my house don't stop eating while using my computer I'm going to have to get Medieval on their buckets--fingers are sticking to the keys....)

Anyway--my apologies for missing the past two weeks--it's been CRAzy busy, just like everyone else, right?  First Da Folks were here and then, as I may have mentioned, I had Faculty Certification at the University of Phoenix that I was finishing up.  HOLY CATS was THAT crazy!  One of my classmates called it the Groundhog Day's of Interviewing....  But, it's done and my HR paperwork is turned in so hopefully I'll be getting my class assignment soon and I'll be teaching very soon.  WOOP WOOP!!!!  Gotta tell ya, I've never been through such an extreme interview that lasted from the end of February to mid-May--and that doesn't include the class I'll be teaching soon--THAT is the final gauge and if I do well THEN I'll be offered a position.  ACK!  :)

OH!  And let's not forget the whole renewing my Idaho teaching credential party that has to be done by September 1st.  Nothing like waiting, eh?  :)  And apparently I have to take a literacy test to re-new the Special Education portion of my credential.  Good times! Can hardly wait!  }:)

And with that, I'm already behind the 8-ball this week after losing Monday to coffee and helping first day registration for ECRG's swim classes and yesterday was lost to a migraine and new tires and an oil change.  This morning, though, I'm (literally) off and running--the kitchen and dishes are clean, the last load of laundry is in the dryer, and I have five chores to do and then I'm back on track.  Woop woop!

And with that, on with the show......

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