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Monday, May 23, 2011

A Day in the City

Michelle, Jeanette, and Traisa

Jeanette master-minded the whole party and here they are at Pier 39.  It was a lovely but windy day and we met up with another Michelle and Doug at Boudin's at Fisherman's Wharf for a glorious lunch and margarita.  Okay, I had the margarita while the others had wine or beer but Jeanette behaved with a virgin mojito....

We walked all OVER the city and finished at the Ferry Building that was converted into shops and we found the most drop-dead-fabulously-delicious Coconut Mousse Cake I have ever tasted.  I did share with everyone but it was hard....

And then we found the chocolate shop--Scharffen Berger.  Oh, for the love of all things skinny, that stuff is yummy....  I got a mini of lavendar/blueberry dark chocolate and a chocolate with lavendar and blueberry chapstick and a small bag of milk chocolate.  Wow.  Each little milk chocolate square is about 20 calories and it's wonderful enough you can just have one and savor it without adding a ton of calories to your list. 


There was also a stand selling meat-filled empanadas but, forutnately or unfortunately, I was stuffed from the cake and lunch so I didn't get one but next time I go in I'm all over it.  I want one of those bad boys!!!  :)

I had to leave the fun to get home and help with the boys so I headed to the Embarcadero BART station.  I overshot it by six blocks.....  Here is the first picture I took on the way back:

Beautiful afternoon in the city, wasn't it?

And here's another shot as I wandered back to BART:

Boy, I really wanted to stop in there and kick back with an iced coffee or something equally fabulous but Da Husband was waiting so off I trotted (gimped)....

All in all, it was a fabulous day of fun and friends and I thoroughly enjoyed my Mini Skyline Class of '86 Reunion and it was sure easy to sit and visit and chat with folks I hadn't seen in 25 years....

I'll add more pictures as soon as I get the rest of the pics downloaded.

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