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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Growing Duckies and Summer Time Blues

There they are!  Mama and her babies--they're getting so big!
I finally figured out how to send a bigger pic to my computer from my cell so now you know I wasn't making up duckie stories....   :)

Elliott had a good walk--we walked 1.5 and jogged one but at the end his girlfriends, Nutmeg and Pepsi, joined him for a swim in the creek.  Naturally it didn't dawn on me to take a pic of the fun until I was home....  I hadn't had any coffee yet--give me a break. 

Now it's off to see if I can get today's chores finished so I can be all proud of myself for getting my chores done and have time to kick back before Da Boys get home.  Ya know, speaking of Da Boys, the end of the school year has always been a challenge for teachers, students, and parents alike.  Everyone has short-timer's attitude, parents are a little freaked at wondering how to maintain while the darlings are home ALL DAY LONG, and the weather usually adds it's little contribution of wild and wooly weather thus keeping everyone on their toes. 

We have basically two weeks of school left.  The spring has been unusually cold and rainy and windy.  The kids are just about bouncing off the walls and the parents I've talked with are one step from the asylum.  The teachers are shaking their heads wondering where the good students have gone and when the miserable little maniacs were snuck in....  I'm hoping we can all make it to the 2nd of June even though that means there's a lot more home time for the darlings to fight, wreak havoc, and generally cause mayhem wherever they go.  

I'm counting on a lot of outside play time with friends and hopefully our annual trip home will be scheduled soon so they can look forward to that and Da Folks can help me maintain sanity through the summer months but until then it's a day-to-day battle.  If I make it through the next two weeks without developing a drinking habit then it will be a victory....  }:) 

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